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A Play Expert’s Guide to

Holiday Toy Shopping!

Get the best toys for your kids

Livestream Q & A with Dr. Diane Levin
Nov 12, 8:30-9pm EST

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Cut through the marketing and learn what makes a toy developmentally advantageous for your children!

Send your questions in advance or ask in real time during the live session.

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Dr. Diane Levin

Clinical Professor of Applied Human Development at Boston University and an expert in Early Childhood Development and Play;

Author of Beyond remote-controlled childhood: Teaching young children in the media age and The case for make believe: Saving play in a commercialized world.

Founder of TRUCE
TRUCE (Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children's Entertainment) is a grassroots organization of educators who prepare materials and provide information to help parents and educators work to counteract the harmful impact of commercial culture, media, and marketing on children's play, learning, and behavior.

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